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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should the bottom of my boat be cleaned in Marina del Rey?

Boats with bottom paint in good condition should be cleaned once every three weeks in the summer and once every four weeks in the winter. If the paint is older, and thus less resistant to biofouling, then the frequency should be increased.

What type of boats do you service?

Scout works on every type of boat that can be found in Marina del Rey... everything from a 23' racing J/70 to the largest superyacht.

I have an emergency service need (e.g. a line is wrapped around my prop). Can you help?

Yes, we can assist in many situations that involve a problem under your boat. Please text or call (310) 400 - 0061.

When should my zincs be replaced?

Zincs should be replaced when they are 50% depleted. For detailed info on zincs see our blog post titled "Why are zincs needed and how do they work?".

What steps to you take to not impact water quality in the Marina?

We follow the "Hull Cleaning Best Management Practices" framework as originally developed by the the California Professional Divers Association's Sea Grant Program. More information about our environmentally-friendly methods can be found in our blog post "Keeping both the boats and the water clean".

What is your service area?

We cover all marinas in Marina del Rey including Anchorage 47, the Boat Yard, California Yacht Club, Catalina Yacht Anchorage, Del Rey Yacht Club, Dolphin / Panay Way / Holiday Marina, Harbor at Marina Bay, Esprit Anchorage, the Marina at Marina City Club, Marina del Rey Marina, Marina Harbor Anchorage, Mariners Bay Anchorage, Neptune, Pier 44, AMLI, Waves MDR, Villa del Mar Marina, and Windward Yacht Center.