Boat Hull Cleaning

We extend the life of your boat's bottom paint by using industry best practices to remove marine growth from your boat's hull.

Boat Hull Cleaning

About Scout's boat bottom cleaning service

Marina del Rey's warm water and abundant sunlight may be enjoyable but they also accelerate the growth of marine organisms on your boat’s hull. This rapid growth can cause a variety of problems, including blockage of water flow into cooling intakes, increased drag, and reduced fuel efficiency.

Our certified divers use industry best practices in boat bottom cleaning to maximize the life of your bottom paint and preserve its antifouling qualities. For boats with antifouling paint in good condition, we recommend regular hull cleaning every 3 weeks in the summer and every 4 weeks in the winter.

The cost of scheduled cleaning is offset by the reduction in fuel costs and the increased time between haul outs and repainting. With Scout's hull cleaning service, you can sail or motor out of Marina del Rey knowing that everything below the waterline is in good shape.

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