Zinc Replacement

Sacrificial zinc anodes protect your boat’s underwater metal components from corrosion caused by electrical current present in saltwater.

Zinc Replacement

About zinc monitoring and replacement

It is important to replace the zincs on your boat because they serve as sacrificial anodes that protect your boat's underwater metal components from corrosion. Zincs are made of a metal alloy that is more reactive than the other metals in the boat's underwater system.

When submerged in saltwater, the zincs will corrode before the other metals, sacrificing themselves to protect the more expensive and essential components of your boat, such as the propeller, shaft, and rudder.

As the zincs gradually corrode, they will lose their effectiveness and become less able to protect your boat's underwater components. We monitor this degradation and replace the zincs when needed.

What is our process?

Our divers are trained to install new zincs at the right time, in the right amount, and in the right way.

  • Existing zincs are replaced when 50% of the zinc has been lost to corrosion.
  • Zincs must have solid electrical contact to be effective. Prior to installation we prep the boat attachment points to ensure a metal-to-metal connection.
  • Zincs must be impurity-free to properly work. All of the zincs we install meet MIL-SPEC A-18001K.
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